Georgia Military College: Jenkins Hall Renovation

Location: Milledgeville, Georgia Dates: June 2017 - Current Description: Jenkins Hall was constructed in 1926 on Capital Square by the city of Milledgeville. For five generations this building served the county as an elementary school. GMC received title and ownership in the early 1970's. Since its inception Jenkins Hall has served a variety of purposes. Now, GMC is in need of additional academic space for its Preparatory School Students and has decided to renovate Jenkins Hall rather than constructing a new building. Also, a newly constructed dining hall will be added. Services to be Performed: Commissioning is to be incorporated Design Phase through Warranty Phase. Commissioning has begun with a detailed review of the drawings and specifications. The specific systems that will be commissioned include Mechanical Systems, HVAC Controls Systems, Plumbing Systems, Electrical Systems,and Building Envelope.

424 Main Street W., Suite 19

P.O. Box 336

Abbeville Ga, 31001

(229) 467-2795

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