Treutlen County K-12 Commissioning Evaluation

Location: Soperton, Georgia Dates: October 2013 - July 2015 Description: The Treutlen County K-12 school is a 160,000 ft² single story facility built in 2012, which includes classroom space, laboratory space, office space, cafeteria, sports/P.E. facilities, and provisions for security of staff and students. Unfortunately, this was not a building that was commissioned from the beginning of design or through construction phase. During the first year of occupancy in this new school, serious problems with the HVAC system and even construction/equipment problems became noticeable to the faculty, staff, and students. It was only then, when the warranty phase was just about over, that ACx was contacted by the owner to come in and commission the building from the perspective of an independent firm. We were able to give an honest and in-depth Cx report to the owner. The report showed the areas that she should work with the architect to have fixed while she still had some warranty left. We also found additional issues that were costing the school system money that others had missed. The experience of commissioning this project confirmed to us again the real value that is gained from having new construction projects include a Cx Authority right from the start. Many issues that we encountered could have been identified early on, saving the owner a lot of time and money. Services Performed: ACx conducted a commissioning evaluation on the Treutlen County K-12 School. The effort was targeted at assessing construction quality and performance of building systems.

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