Building Commissioning and Other Services

Abbeville Commissioning is an independent engineering firm specializing in building commissioning. While commissioning is our primary focus, we also offer related engineering services to clients.

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Commissioning Service

Whether it’s new construction, existing systems, or ongoing commissioning, our experienced technicians are here to oversee all phases of your project with meticulous inspections and reports.

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Other Services

  • Engineering Design Services

    Our engineers can design mechanical systems for your new construction or renovation project. Specializing in HVAC replacement, you can trust Abbeville Cx to design a system that will meet your needs and budget.

  • Specification Preparation

    Preparing technical specifications is a common step for our engineers in the commissioning process but can also be provided as a stand-alone service for any project.

  • Small Project Coordination

    Abbeville Cx coordinates small building construction and renovation projects. We’ll help you plan out your goals then follow through to oversee and execute all phases until goals are successfully met.

  • Facility Operations Assessments

    If your building is ready for renovation or needs to be reconfigured for a new use, Abbeville Cx can assess the entirety of your current building systems to identify issues, areas for improvement, or life expectancy of existing systems. After analysis, we will lay out a plan for options to reach your goals for efficiency or building reconfiguration.

  • Failure Analysis

    Abbeville Cx engineers and techs are adept at analyzing complex building systems to determine the root causes of failure. Once issues have been identified, options for resolution are presented to the owner.

  • On-Site Problem Inspection

    If you have a specific issue that needs analysis, Abbeville Cx can begin with an on-site problem inspection. Let us test a specific piece of equipment or an entire system. Then we’ll provide a report to help you determine a path for resolution. Oftentimes, “quick-fixes” can be done on-site to improve a system immediately.

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