Independent Commissioning Firm Located in Georgia

Abbeville Commissioning, LLC (Abbeville Cx) is an independent commissioning firm founded in 2011. We’re dedicated to serving as an overseer for system performance during all phases of design, construction, and occupancy. Our founding partners and staff boast decades of experience in commissioning, quality assurance, and design review.

You can count on us to serve an active role in commissioning your systems, frequently engaging contractors on-site to ensure that delivered systems operate on day one of building occupancy.

Our Core Values

“Honest scales and balances belong to the Lord; all the weights in the bag are of his making.”

Proverbs 16:11

We believe there should be integrity and honesty in the construction and commissioning industries. Our Partners founded Abbeville Cx on this biblical principle. Our team is dedicated to verifying building systems to ensure you receive precisely what you pay for. Our team is devoted to the details, not just checking boxes.

You can expect us to exemplify the following values in our work:

  • Professionalism
  • Technical Accuracy
  • Detail Oriented
  • Thoroughness
  • Accountability
  • Integrity

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Why Choose Abbeville Commissioning?

  • Independent Commissioning Firm

    Commissioning is our main focus; it’s not a sideline business or a small sub-department of other “more important” work. We’re dedicated to serving as a trustworthy overseer for the building owner during all phases of design, construction, and warranty/occupancy without distraction. Because Abbeville Commissioning is an independent firm, we can offer a truly objective review of the project and eliminate the possibility of conflict of interest between design, construction, and commissioning.

  • Personnel On-Site Frequently

    We believe that a truly high-quality commissioning program can only be implemented when the Cx team is frequently on-site and has eyes on the commissioned systems. You can expect Abbeville Cx personnel to be on your job site often to conduct meticulous in-person inspections during construction and other project meetings. By implementing this philosophy, we have successfully resolved discrepancies that others missed. We believe that face-to-face interactions with the project team prevents delays and removes confusion about Cx responsibilities. We believe that building owners should expect more from their Commissioning Authority.

  • Hands-On Leadership Team

    Our senior staff is not confined to our central office. You can expect our leadership team to play an active role in the commissioning process, visiting the sites along with our highly trained commissioning technicians. Our firm partners remain in the loop on each phase of the project and personally inspect the work.

  • Cx Firm Located in South Georgia

    Abbeville Cx’s office is located in South Georgia. This allows us close access to projects in our region compared to competitors in large metropolitan districts. However, distance from our furthest job sites has never deterred us from visiting those job sites frequently.

  • HUBZone Certified Business

    Abbeville Cx is a HUBZone Certified Business. By engaging with our commissioning services, you are also investing in our rural Georgia community and advancing the economic impact created by our work.

  • Certified Commissioning Firm

    Abbeville Commissioning is certified by the BCxA as a Certified Commissioning Firm (CCF). The CCF Certification demonstrates the highest standards for professional Cx Firms. Holding the CCF proves that ACx has an expert team with the determination and ability to provide premier services and the commitment to advancing the practices of commissioning.

Certifications & Associations